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Resource /photos/<id>

This resource represents the attributes of a single Photo object, identified by the "id" URL component.

Resource URI
https://api.dive.io/v1/photos/<id> (.xml/.json)
Supported HTTP methods
GET (show), POST (update), DELETE, OPTIONS

GET /photos/<id> (show)

Returns the data stored about the photo, identified by <id>.
Required. Only photos posted by the authenticated user can be requested
Request structure
The GET URI parameter <id> (lowercase) identifies the photo to be returned.
Response structure
A single Photo object

POST /photos/<id> (update)

Updates the data of the photo identified by the parameter "id" with the given information.
Request structure
  • The URI component <id> identifies the photo record to be updated.
  • The Photo fields to be updated must be given in a JSON or XML formatted Photo object.
  • If XML format is used, the data must be given in a POST parameter named "xml". If JSON is used, data is to be given in the "json" POST parameter.
  • Fields that are contained in the given data are changed (if possible), fields that are not given are not modified.
  • To remove a field from a Photo record, add an empty Tag / Hash element to the update, eg. for remove the "DiveId" field, use:
        <DiveId />
  • Note that not all fields of a Photo record are updateable - see list below
Response structure
Returns the list of updated and ignored attributes.

List of Updateable fields

The following fields can be updated - other fields given in the POST data will be ignored: