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"Diver" object

Contains attributes of a Diver (user) of dive.io. A Diver object has the following attributes:

Unique numeric identifier of the Diver
First name of the Diver
Lastname (optional)
Last name of the Diver
EmailConfirmed (optional)
Contains a confirmed email address of the diver
EmailPending (optional)
Contains an yet unconfirmed email address. Once confirmed, it will replace the EmailConfirmed.
PicHash (optional)
A hash to be used as part of the URI of the users profile picture. The full URI of the picture is constructed from the hash as follows:
Where "hash" is the PicHash value, and "size" is the size of the requested profile picture. Supported "size" values are: 80, 64, 48, 32, 24, 16, 12.
Timestamp of creation of the Diver, in ISO 8601 format
Timestamp of last modification of Diver, in ISO 8601 format


XML format

    <Created>2011-03-17 10:40:39.409262+01</Created>
    <Modified>2011-03-31 11:44:45.680179+02</Modified>

JSON format

   {"Diver": {
      "Created":"2011-03-17 10:40:39.409262+01",
      "Modified":"2011-03-31 11:44:45.680179+02"