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"Dive" object (concise)

When lists of dives are returned by the server, such lists might get rather large. For that reason, some responses (eg. the list of Dives of a certain Diver) contain just "concise" Dive objects. The full data for each dive can be fetched at the resource /dives/<id>.

A concise Dive object contains the following attributes (the definition of attributes is identical to the full Dive object):

Id — not updateable
Unique, numeric identifier of the dive log entry. This identifier is unique across all users. Do not confuse with "DiveNumber"
DiverId — not updateable
Numeric identifier of the Diver
DiveDate — required, not updateable
Date of the dive in YYYY-MM-DD format
InTime — required
Local time at which the dive was started, in hh:mm:ss format (24 hours)
Duration — required, not updateable
Total duration of the dive, in hh:mm:ss format
MaxDepth — required, not updateable if dive contains depth samples
Maximum depth of the dive, in meters (eg. 7.8)
DiveNumber — not updateable, changes automatically
Number assigned to this dive in Divers logbook

Example (XML)