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29 Jul 2012 #39

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profile picture of Alex M. 13.3m, 38min, Marine Park (Porteau Cove, BC)

Salzwasser, 11°C (auf max. Tiefe)



First of two dives with Vancouver's Diving Locker "saturday drop in dive".

Close to zero visibility in top 3 meters (freshwater runoff), then good visibility (but dark) below. Lots of Rockfish, Lingcod, huge plumose anemones..

7mm wetsuit plus 7mm ice vest was fine for the first ~25 minutes of the dive, then started to feel cold. Most others were in drysuits.

Diving togeter with Klaus N., took a few interesting pictures, but hard because the flash illuminated mainly particles.

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Tiefenprofil von Alex's Porteau Cove, BC Tauchgang

Dauer: 38 Minuten, maximale Tiefe: 13.3m, durchschnittliche Tiefe: 9.4m


Profilbild von Alex M.

Alex M.

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Alex hat diesen Tauchgang am 29 Jul 2012 in Porteau Cove, BC (bei Marine Park) durchgeführt, ist um 18:26 abgetaucht, erreichte eine maximale Tiefe von 13.3m, und ist nach 38 Minuten aufgetaucht.


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Porteau Cove, British Columbia, Kanada


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