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Nov 13 2012 #45

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profile picture of Alex M. 22.9m, 47mins, Ras Murat (Sharm el Sheikh)

seawater, visibility 25.0m, 26°C (bottom)

shore dive


Welcome / check dive at the house reef of Magic Divers (Magic Life Club), also called "Ras Murat". First dive on Nitrox (EAN32). Everything worked quite well.

Entrance/exit is via the Jetty of the Hotel (about 200 meters to walk) - gear is being carried on small trolleys. The reef goes nearly vertical down to about 25-30 meters, and has some interesting topology in the top 10 meters mostly. It's not as pristine as in Ras Mohammed, but there's still a lot to see.

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Dive profile

depth profile of Alex's Sharm el Sheikh dive

Duration: 47 minutes, maximum depth: 22.9m, average depth: 16.1m


profile pic of Alex M.

Alex M.

50 dives • 174 photos

Alex did this dive on Nov 13 2012 in Sharm el Sheikh (at Ras Murat), went in at 08:27, reached a maximum depth of 22.9m, and surfaced after 47 minutes.


Sharm el Sheikh map (overview) Sharm el Sheikh map (region) Sharm el Sheikh map (detail)

Sharm el Sheikh, Muḩāfaz̧at Janūb Sīnā’, Egypt


  • Issa (instructor)
  • Issa (instructor)

Air Consumption

11.1 liters

13.3 l/min SAC

201bar start pressure

48bar end pressure

32% oxygen