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Jul 29 2012 #39

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profile picture of Alex M. 13.3m, 38mins, Marine Park (Porteau Cove, BC)

seawater, 11°C (bottom)

shore dive


First of two dives with Vancouver's Diving Locker "saturday drop in dive".

Close to zero visibility in top 3 meters (freshwater runoff), then good visibility (but dark) below. Lots of Rockfish, Lingcod, huge plumose anemones..

7mm wetsuit plus 7mm ice vest was fine for the first ~25 minutes of the dive, then started to feel cold. Most others were in drysuits.

Diving togeter with Klaus N., took a few interesting pictures, but hard because the flash illuminated mainly particles.

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Dive profile

depth profile of Alex's Porteau Cove, BC dive

Duration: 38 minutes, maximum depth: 13.3m, average depth: 9.4m


profile pic of Alex M.

Alex M.

50 dives • 174 photos

Alex did this dive on Jul 29 2012 in Porteau Cove, BC (at Marine Park), went in at 18:26, reached a maximum depth of 13.3m, and surfaced after 38 minutes.


Porteau Cove map (overview) Porteau Cove map (region) Porteau Cove map (detail)

Porteau Cove, British Columbia, Canada


none listed

Air Consumption

10.7 liters

19.7 l/min SAC

202bar start pressure

62bar end pressure

21% oxygen (air)