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Mar 21 2010 #3

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profile picture of Alex M. 13.0m, 22mins, Bird Rock (Santa Catalina Island)

seawater, 15°C (surface)

boat dive


3rd Open Water certification dive - first boat dive ever (King Neptune boat). We went from avalon for about 40 minutes towards the north. The dive itself was pretty good - everything worked perfectly! Lovely underwater scene, lots of monk fish in large schools, Sea grass, etc. Didn't have too much time to look at all of it because i was still pretty excited, and also had to do some exercises. Needed a lot of air, and was probably very much overweighted.

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depth profile of Alex's Santa Catalina Island dive

Duration: 22 minutes, maximum depth: 13.0m


profile pic of Alex M.

Alex M.

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Alex did this dive on Mar 21 2010 in Santa Catalina Island (at Bird Rock), went in at 09:00, reached a maximum depth of 13.0m, and surfaced after 22 minutes.


Santa Catalina Island map (overview) Santa Catalina Island map (region) Santa Catalina Island map (detail)

Santa Catalina Island, California, United States


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21% oxygen (air)