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Sep 13 2010 #13

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profile picture of Alex M. 7.5m, 49mins, Bucht (Okrug Gornji)

seawater, 20°C (bottom)

shore dive


Check dive with Marco, Klaus, and 2 other people in the bay right in front of the Trogir Diving Center. Saw two sea horses, and giant fan mussels (about 20-30cm?). Wreck of a truck plus a sailboat.

12l-Tank works fine.

Dive profile

depth profile of Alex's Okrug Gornji dive

Duration: 49 minutes, maximum depth: 7.5m, average depth: 5.3m


profile pic of Alex M.

Alex M.

50 dives • 174 photos

Alex did this dive on Sep 13 2010 in Okrug Gornji (at Bucht), went in at 12:53, reached a maximum depth of 7.5m, and surfaced after 49 minutes.


Okrug Gornji map (overview) Okrug Gornji map (region) Okrug Gornji map (detail)

Okrug Gornji, Splitsko-Dalmatinska ┼Żupanija, Croatia


  • Klaus (buddy)
  • Marco (guide)

Air Consumption

12 liters

17.4 l/min SAC

204bar start pressure

92bar end pressure

21% oxygen (air)