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20 Nov 2011 #35

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profile picture of Alex M. 17.9m, 43min, Big Mushroom (Lyudao)

Salzwasser, Sichtweite 20.0m, 24°C (auf max. Tiefe)



Was dropped from boat quite far from "Big Mushroom" - dived towards it over sandy ground with some corals. Big Mushroom is an amazing single coral that emerges from the bottom of 18m up to about 6m, estimated to be more than 1200 years old. Because of the proximity of the boat (and the very very special dive site), i decided to go to nearly 15 bar towards the end of the dive (in about 4-5m depth).

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Dauer: 43 Minuten, maximale Tiefe: 17.9m, durchschnittliche Tiefe: 13.2m


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Alex M.

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Alex hat diesen Tauchgang am 20 Nov 2011 in Lyudao (bei Big Mushroom) durchgeführt, ist um 03:41 abgetaucht, erreichte eine maximale Tiefe von 17.9m, und ist nach 43 Minuten aufgetaucht.


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Lü Dao, Taiwan, Taiwan



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